The terrifying tale of the Thomas family

In this spine-chilling three-minute tale, discover how one family’s home-selling journey turned into an ordeal they’d rather forget.

The Beginning

The Thomas clan was just like many families you’d encounter in Chelmsford. Parents, two youngsters, and a black cat named Lucky filled their home. Loved by their neighbours and pillars in the community, it came as a shock when they announced they were relocating because Mr. Thomas had landed a new job elsewhere.

Like most savvy homeowners, the Thomases consulted three estate agents to appraise their property. The first two were competent and personable, offering comparable valuations with a minor £2,000 discrepancy.

The Enigmatic Visitor

All seemed to be progressing smoothly until the third agent made his appearance. Scheduled for 3 p.m., he called to postpone until later that evening. At 8 p.m., the doorbell rang. Mr. Thomas opened the door to reveal an agent we’ll call Damian, emerging from the darkness. His radiant smile and glossy shoes momentarily left Mr. Thomas speechless.

The next 20 minutes were a whirlwind. Damian’s hypnotic charm and sky-high valuation—£20,000 more than the others—captured the Thomases’ attention. He whispered promises of quick sales, and they signed a lengthy contract then and there.

Reflecting later, Mrs. Thomas felt swayed by the charm, the footwear, and the tantalizing price. As Damian left, a black crow perched on their car, staring blankly at the family. An omen, perhaps?

The Aftermath

“The atmosphere’s off,” Mr. Thomas noted the following day. “I agree, Dad,” chimed in eight-year-old Evie. “That strange man cast no shadow.”

Ignoring it as a child’s fanciful notion, the family soon encountered the grim reality. Damian vanished, perpetually ‘unavailable,’ according to his office. Meanwhile, their overpriced property languished on the market, attracting scant interest. Stress levels skyrocketed as their moving day loomed.

The lesson here? Beware the silver-tongued agents who promise the moon while offering fantastical valuations for your property.

The Resolution

Why speak of the Thomas family in the past tense? After our accurate valuation and well-strategized marketing, they successfully embarked on their new chapter.

As for Damian? Rumour has it, he still lurks around, leaving a trail of disillusioned homeowners. And yes, the black crow is said to still follow him.

Thank you for reading, and Happy Halloween.

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent……. And the guilty.

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