Towels and flowers: keeping your house in show-home condition

I know this may  not be practical but once you are on the market, try to keep your home spick and span, and beautifully tidy.

Buy fresh flowers, and keep new towels and bed linen just for viewings, so you can quickly freshen up your home with minimum effort when a buyer books a viewing.

Try to make sure that no matter how little notice you receive of a viewing, you’re ready and willing to show your home and to be proud of it. I know this isn’t easy, especially if you have a busy family life, but buyers are often spontaneous when it comes to viewings, and will sometimes call the number on the board while sitting outside your house, wanting a viewing there and then!

Don’t lose a buyer just because your home is untidy and you don’t feel confident about showing it to them. After all, they could make an offer.

Have a good day.





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