Widening expectations between buyers and sellers

The current landscape of the real estate market is characterized by high borrowing costs, which has led potential buyers to exercise caution. This caution has become one of the driving factors behind the shift towards what is now widely regarded as a buyer’s market, as reported by seven out of ten real estate agents.

In this new buyer’s market, we observe a notable trend. Buyers, quite understandably, are hesitant to overextend themselves financially. However, they are encountering an interesting phenomenon – sellers who maintain an optimistic outlook on the market. This contrast in perspectives has given rise to a growing disparity between the expectations of buyers and sellers.

Recent in-depth analysis has shed light on this disconnect. The gap between what sellers hope to receive as their asking price and what buyers are willing to pay has expanded to 35.6%. This represents a 1.5% increase compared to the previous quarter, underscoring the evolving dynamics of the real estate arena.

In light of this price-sensitive environment, it is imperative for both buyers and sellers to have a comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics. Furthermore, setting realistic pricing expectations has become pivotal in the quest for a successful sale in today’s market.

Source: #Dataloft Poll of Subscribers, Benham and Reeves

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