The Importance of Your High Street Agent in Chelmsford

We often hear about the importance of location, location, location when choosing a new home. However, many people overlook the importance of location when choosing their estate agent!  

Despite the fact that many agencies appear to offer the same service, there are many different styles of agency, each of which has their own distinctive feel. A major contribution to an agent’s ability to provide its clients with the best possible service is where the offices are actually situated.

A recent survey of over 1600 home-sellers identified that the location of the office was the third most important factor in the choice of agent. (First was a personal referral, and second was being impressed by the individual agent). In fact nearly 17% of vendors would only choose an agent who is situated in a prominent high street location.

Whilst one could argue that the internet has changed the face of agency, we actually find that it is our prominent location in Chelmsford which enables us to sell increasing volumes of property. This is not only because out-of-town buyers naturally gravitate to the town centre, but also because when people walk into our office, they are greeted with warmth and enthusiasm and their requirements are discussed and fully understood. We are then often able to take them out to view properties within minutes of registering.

This simply does not happen with those agents whose office occupies a secondary location, expecting the internet to do all the hard work!

We have found that technology has freed up more time for us to deliver the results-driven service of which we are justifiably proud, directly from our office.

So why not come in for a chat next time you’re passing? You know where we are!

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