The Chelmsford Property Mystery Tour

As a buyer, it can sometimes it can be difficult to decide which properties are worth viewing, and which are not, simply from their on-line description. Sometimes the choice of properties is simply overwhelming. So why not let us help you? Let us take you on a mystery tour, or “Viewing Hour”.

The Viewing Hour is designed to take into account your basic requirements in terms of accommodation, location and price. A telephone conversation with you in advance should give us a good idea of the type of property that would fit with your lifestyle your preferences. We than agree a mutually convenient time with you and take you to view all of the available properties on our books that appear to match your requirements.

The Viewing Hour is designed to be a short, sharp, whistle-stop tour to give you a general overview of potentially suitable properties. You can always come back and revisit the most appealing ones later.

This initial viewing method generally saves considerable time as you will typically view around six properties in the same time that it would take you to view two. You’ll quickly become an expert in the local market, enabling you to spot good
value for money when you see it. You’ll also gain a really clear picture of how realistic your expectations are in relation to what’s on offer.

Importantly, during our time together, we get a good overview of your requirements in detail and are then able to fine-tune our understanding of your needs, meaning we are even more likely to be able to help you. For example, we can tell you about properties as soon as they become available (important, as the good homes sometimes go before they even hit the portals!) So if you are serious about buying, why not book your Viewing Hour now, by calling us on 01245 330500. We guarantee you a magical mystery tour!

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