Fun Ways to Enjoy a Firework-Free Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, Bonfire Night celebrations don’t always have to go off with a bang. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the 5th of November without the noise of fireworks, which can upset small children, pets, and wildlife.

Here are five ways to enjoy a quieter Bonfire Night this year.

Marshmallow Fun

Nothing dispels the November chill like toasted marshmallows. Use a fire pit to toast them outside or use the grill in your kitchen for an equally tasty treat. For a twist, create the American campfire favorite: S’mores. Place marshmallows and chocolate buttons between sweet biscuits and toast until they’re just right.

Glow-in-the-Dark Games

Recycle six plastic bottles by filling them with water. Add an activated glowstick to each, secure the lids, grab a ball, and you have everything you need for an exciting game of glow-in-the-dark bowling.


The magic of sparklers transcends age; writing your name or creating shapes in the air is enchanting. Remember to wear gloves and keep a bucket of water close by for safety. Photograph the fun and share your sparkler art with loved ones.


Bundle up and step outside to admire the November skies. With luck, you’ll spot constellations like Orion or the Seven Sisters star cluster. A stargazing app can guide your celestial exploration.

Raise a Toast

Warm up with a comforting drink. Adults might savor a hot buttered rum, a luxurious blend of sugar, rum, butter, and spices, while families can indulge in customized hot chocolates. Add a personal touch with cinnamon or raspberry syrup, and top with whipped cream and sprinkles for extra delight.

From all of us here at Chelmsford Property Blog, we wish you a safe and delightful Bonfire Night.

* If you have a pet, the animal welfare charity Blue Cross has plenty of tips to help keep your pets calm on Bonfire Night.

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