Early Signs of Rental Market Demand

Interest in finding a new rental home exhibits a fascinating seasonality, with fluctuations in demand aligning themselves with various holidays and noteworthy events.

*Research delved into the search behavior on Google over the course of the past five years, and a prominent trend emerged—namely, the query ‘flats to rent near me’ revealed a distinct pattern, shedding light on the times of the year when individuals are most inclined to contemplate a change in their living arrangements.

What’s truly remarkable is that monitoring this particular search term can serve as a valuable early indicator of the upcoming demand, as it consistently reaches its peak ahead of any significant surge in new leasing activity. Unsurprisingly, the most vibrant period for prospective renters to embark on their quest for a new abode is during the New Year holiday season. A secondary peak emerges in the period between Easter and the commencement of the summer break. It’s during these times that people tend to be the most proactive in their housing search endeavors. Conversely, interest in rental properties dwindles to its lowest ebb just before Christmas and during the summer months, when it’s likely that other leisurely distractions take precedence.

Source: *Dataloft, Google, search averages over the past five years.

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