Does a House Name Add Value?

The name of their property is, to many people, as important as the car they drive and says a lot about the owner. For example, stating your address as “The Manor House” immediately suggests wealth and status, whereas “The Bungalow” has different connotations.

From a property marketing perspective, house names can have a bearing on value, and should be considered carefully. Unless it is brand new, your property is likely to have a name already, but it is usually possible to change this if you wish. Exceptions are where there is a restrictive covenant in your title deeds prohibiting a change of name, or where the same name is already in use in the same postcode area.

If your property already has a number, you have a legal obligation to continue to show and use this number, although a name may be used in addition, eg.’The Cottage, 1 The High Street’.

Obviously common sense must prevail, and please don’t try to increase the value of your two bedroom terrace house by renaming it “Chatsworth Hall”. Additionally, twee clichéd names or personal references such as “Dunroamin’”, “Costa del Dave” or “Chez Nous” should also be avoided. The order of the day is relevance, permanence, and perhaps a hint of aspiration. 

If you wish to change the name of your property you should submit your request to the council’s Highways or Engineers Department. They will check with The Post Office to ensure that no similar name exists in your postcode and will arrange to inform statutory bodies such as the Land Registry Office. Once your request has been confirmed, you should contact everyone you would normally contact if you were actually moving house. Finally, if you live on a houseboat – don’t rename it – it’s supposed to be unlucky to rename a ship!