Competitive offers – renters offer above asking rents

In the dynamic landscape of the UK rental market, a notable imbalance between demand and supply continues to shape the industry. Recent insights reveal that an impressive 17% of estate agents have encountered renters willingly offering amounts exceeding the listed rent, highlighting the competitive nature of the market. Additionally, a significant proportion of 44% of agents have observed this occurrence on occasion.

The current average rent across the UK stands at £1,279, marking a substantial yearly increase of 8.9%. However, it’s interesting to note that there has been a slight dip of 0.3% on a monthly basis. This decline is indicative of a seasonal adjustment, likely reflecting a reduced demand following the typically active summer months.

Geographically, the rental trends exhibit slight variations. Although a marginal decrease in rent prices was observed across all regions, certain areas like the East of England, the Midlands, the South West, and Wales bucked the trend, registering rental increases.

The winter season traditionally experiences a downturn in rental market activity. Yet, despite this seasonal norm, the market continues to exhibit robust competition among renters. This data, collated from a Dataloft Poll of Subscribers in October 2023 and supplemented with information from HomeLet as of November 2023, provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the UK rental market.

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