Why are you selling your home in Chelmsford?

Why are you selling your home? (If you are!) Are you leaving from a situation, or going to somewhere in particular, or both?  Everyone’s motivation for selling is different, and whilst some of our clients are downsizing, there are also many of our sellers who are chasing a dream and starting a new chapter of their lives.

Where is your motivation?  Is it strong enough to overcome the obstacles and challenges of selling your house?  There are difficult hurdles to negotiate at each step, and you need to be absolutely determined to succeed.  So what is your reason, and is it a ‘push’ or a ‘pull’?  An example of a ‘push’ could be that your house is now too big for you, that you can’t manage the stairs or the garden any more, or perhaps it’s just that its now the wrong house for your current lifestyle.  If it’s a ‘pull’ you’re facing, it might be you want to be closer to family, moving to that dream home on the coast, or you just have your eye on that perfect cottage that fits you better, whilst leaving you some pennies in your pocket to enjoy it!

What we have noticed at Martin & Co, is that our clients who are the most successful at selling their home, are the ones who are fully committed to the process, and that starts with some push and also some pull.  It’s sometimes helpful to make two lists, one for each of your push reasons, and your pull reasons.  What are you trying to leave, and what are you striving towards?  Keep your lists close so that you don’t lose sight of your goal when the going gets tough, and you keep focused on the road ahead!

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